Make an Impact

History of Partnership

The partnership between CHOC Children's (Children's Hospital of Orange County) and the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Orange Coast (BGCCOC) that began in October 2000 was inspired by an 8-year-old neighborhood boy, Felipe Carrillo, who developed meningitis. His family, poor and uninsured, had nowhere to turn for help. Felipe's condition worsened and his parents sought emergency care. Sadly, Felipe died in an ambulance on the way to CHOC.

Heart-broken by the tragedy, a BGCCOC Board Member paid for Felipe's funeral. Determined that no other parents should face the same tragedy, the Board of Directors for the BGCCOC decided it was time to act. The BGCCOC developed its partnership with CHOC Children's to provide the health services all children need and became the first Boys & Girls Club in the country to build a full-service children's clinic on-site at a Club facility.

Thanks to the courage and leadership of both CHOC Children's and BGCCOC, children and teens from birth to 18 years of age have access to a doctor and registered nurses for their health care needs.

The 1,400-square-foot clinic is located adjacent to the Boys & Girls Club of Santa Ana's parking lot and houses four exam rooms, an education office, and a waiting room. Medical services include a bilingual staff, physical checkups, preventive care, immunizations, and vision and hearing screenings.