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What We Believe

Who we are can be defined by what we believe. For nearly 80 years, we have proudly served those who need us most. To the core of our DNA, we believe in potential and invest in opportunity. Every child and teen we serve has the potential to do great things, and it is our privilege to help them unlock that potential.


Our Blue Community
Our Blue Purpose and Experience
Our Mission | Vision | Core Value

Our Blue Community

What it means to be Blue

For decades, the color Blue has been a subtle part of our culture. Being subtle about Blue ends now. Redefining Blue means being bold in our beliefs and raising our expectations for ourselves and those we serve. By designing our Blue Culture with intentionality and discipline, we set a course to create the new standard for what a Boys & Girls Club should look like. By defining our Blue Community and clarifying our roles, we instill a sense of belonging, value, and appreciation for everyone in the community. By committing ourselves to thinking Blue, we will challenge the status quo and create a first-class experience for everyone we serve.

Business Community


Blue Ambassadors & Blue VIPs

As Blue Ambassadors, our Board and Mentor Professionals work in partnership to ensure every Blue VIP has a personal relationship with our team and recieves first-class service at all times.


Blue Ambassadors & Blue VIP’s

Our Blue Purpose and Experience

Our Blue Purpose

To create an experience so powerful that it inspires EVERY member to reach his or her full potential and creates heartfelt memories that last a lifetime.

Our Blue Experience

  • 100% of members receive first-class mentoring
  • 100% of members have a support system to serve the whole child and the whole family
  • 100% of members are equipped with 21st century skills
  • 100% of members graduate high school with a custom plan for their future

Our Mission | Vision | Core Value

Our Blue Mission

To ensure every child has mentors and champions in life.

Our Blue Vision

All children will build positive life-long memories, achieve their greatest potential and inspire future generations.

Our Blue Core Value

Pursue greatness.

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