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Teen Empowerment Strategy

For almost 20 years, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Orange Coast has served teens making it one of the longest-standing and most successful teen centers in Orange County. Club teens participate in our Teen Empowerment Strategy, a comprehensive approach to impacting their lives and preparing them for their transition into adulthood. Our Teen Empowerment Strategy focuses on core areas such as college preparedness, life skills, recreation, fiscal responsibility, career aspirations, social skills, volunteer work, and academic reinforcement. In recent years, the Club has steadily increased its investment in teen services in areas such as college scholarships, internships, outreach efforts, and providing them with a dedicated space at each of our Club locations where teens can feel safe and supported in their development.  

Teen Centers
College Bound
Youth of the Year

Teen Centers

Each of our locations now offers a dedicated space for teens with a separate entrance and branding strategy. Our teen centers are innovative, state-of-the-art complexes dedicated to and designed specifically for teens--the new definition of work-play-learn teen center environments. Stop by and visit our HOOPS Teen Center in Costa Mesa, Side Door Teen Center in Irvine, The Bluffs Teen Center in Newport Beach, and The Garage Teen Center in Santa Ana.

College Bound

The goal of College Bound is to introduce and expose Club members to the idea and attainability of a college education and prepare them for success after graduation from high school. College Bound is a year-round program that introduces and exposes Club members to the idea of college, provides daily academic support, sponsors numerous college pathway activities, including important resource acquisition, and prepares members for a successful college experience. At the heart of this program is the one-on-one case management strategy, through which youth receive the guidance, encouragement, and resources they need to set and obtain their educational goals.  

Case Managers track academic progress and note the classes needed to meet the curriculum requirements of the University of California, California State University, and community college systems. Over the course of the program, the Case Managers work with youth to develop academic goals. They guide youth through application and testing procedures, provide academic tutoring, assist with financial aid applications, teach youth to manage deadlines, advocate on their behalf, counsel parents, and provide cultural mentoring.

Youth of the Year

There is no greater impact the Club can achieve than helping our kids foster their dreams and putting them on a path to realizing their goals. Each year, our Club honors an individual member to serve as the Youth of the Year; this individual acts as an ambassador of the Club, speaks in front of city officials and board members and at Club events, and most importantly, acts as a role model for all the younger kids in our program. To become the Youth of the Year, nominees go through a rigorous process with an essay application and a panel interview comprised of board members and strategic partners.

The Club is proud to announce our 2017 Youth of the Year, Monica Gonzalez. A junior at Middle College High School, Monica aspires to be an OB/GYN and is an active participant in our College Bound program. We are proud to award Monica a ,000 scholarship toward her college education!

Monica was excited to share what the Club means to her and how the power of mentorship helped get her where she is today. "The Boys and Girls Club has allowed me to develop characteristics that can help me throughout my whole life. It's given me insight on communicating with older professionals,  I have had the chance to perform at special events, all of which have helped me gain confidence."

Monica attributes her success thus far in part to College Bound and our Mentor Professional staff being "a true support system. I believe that joining College Bound has helped me stay focused more on achieving my goals, and striving for good grades."

Electing just one teen to serve as Youth of the Year is never easy, we had several impressive candidates, and are so proud of all they have achieved. We are confident that they will all go on to do great things, and hope that the ,000 in scholarships
we awarded will help them achieve their dreams for college success and beyond.

"I don't have anyone in my family that I can look up to or ask for advice on what is going to happen after high school. Nevertheless, I won't let that get in the way of me and my future. What better person to guide me than someone who already went through the journey, and I get just that by being a member of College Bound."

 - Monica Gonzalez, 2017 Youth of the Year