Pursuing Greatness

Boys & Girls Club of Costa Mesa

Our vision is to redevelop the Costa Mesa Club in the mid-century modern style that influences the local community and create a teen center that serves as a launch pad for greatness. Click here for details.

  • Build three additional learning labs to facilitate mentoring and STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) education
  • Create an art wall to foster creativity
  • Renovate the gym to enhance safety, aesthetics, and usability
  • Implement new technologies and infrastructure
  • Design flexible space for increased capacity and family and community programming
  • Facilitate partnerships of nonprofit and city agencies to benefit the entire community

Boys & Girls Club of Irvine

Connecting Irvine’s packing-house past to its future, our club redevelopment will foster collaboration, learning, and advancement. Click here for details.

  • Leapfrog from one to five future-focused learning labs
  • Institute an art wall to display members’ creativity
  • Facilitate nonprofit partnerships through improved space planning
  • Expand and upgrade facilities designed just for teens
  • Enable family strengthening activities through flexible spaces
  • Introduce STEAM tools and technologies
  • Restructure design to improve safety, aesthetics, and functionality

Boys & Girls Club of Newport Beach

Borrowing from the local landscape, the redeveloped Newport Beach Club will be a beachy retreat where members can connect with greatness. Click here for details.

  • Focus programming on youth ages 5-12
  • Establish two additional learning labs to fuel STEAM education
  • Build an art wall to showcase members’ creativity
  • Improve space to facilitate city partnerships
  • Refurbish the gym to provide a first-class facility 
  • Implement new technology and infrastructure to increase capacity

​Boys & Girls Club of Santa Ana

Our goal is to make strategic enhancements for our members and their families with planned upgrades and replacements throughout The Joe MacPherson Center for Opportunity that is the Boys & Girls Club of Santa Ana. Click here for details.

  • Establish an art wall to inspire innovation
  • Expand space to facilitate nonprofit partnerships
  • Improve courtyard to maximize use and serve more teens
  • Upgrade and update infrastructure, garden, equipment, and technologies